M Room

M Room® is the biggest men’s barber chain in Europe with more than 75 shops in eight countries. M Room was established in 2008 in Finland by two of the world’s best barbers. M Room offers an unforgettable experience of high quality Men’s grooming services, combined with a unique membership model, high quality products and modern customer experience.


The noble skill of influencing

A-lehdet Group is a pioneer in media content, digital commerce and growth marketing. They publish over twenty readers’ magazines, make Finland’s most popular digital media online, represent about 50 different influencers, and constantly develop new forms of media narration.

Gamers Apparel

Changing the appearance of esports.

Gamers Apparel offers a complete merchandising solution for brands, personalities, communities etc. Our in-house production facilities include dye-sublimation, screen printing, embroidery, direct to garment printing and also vinyl print.