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We are happy to announce our newest Conquer Family member. Tuisku “deads17” Kaikuvuo is a 17-year-old Finnish Hearthstone player. He is attending the Hearthstone Masters Tour Seoul 2019 -tournament in August and we are more than excited for that. He is going to compete against the world’s best players and his aim is to get the 1st place and the prize of 100 000 $ that comes with it. Total prize pool for the tournament is 500 000$ and it will be split among the players.

Conquer is the first bigger organization ever signing deads17, so it’s more than necessary to introduce him.


First of all, welcome to Conquer Family. Introduce yourself to us, please:

Hello, I am Tuisku Kaikuvuo and my game is Hearthstone. I got excited about Hearthstone when I saw college students playing it when I was in the 7th grade. In elementary school I had collected Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh cards so Hearthstone was just the type of game I was looking for. I decided to try it and after some struggles, first getting cards, playing ranked and finally getting into the competitive world, here we are. I have always been a very competitive and a strategic person and interested about the competitive side of games.

My first touch with the competitive scene was in the year 2016. I heard about the Insomnia LAN NON-BYOC Hearthstone -tournament in Pori, Finland. I qualified for the tournament through qualifiers and actually won the whole tournament. That was amazing and it really sparked something inside me.

I have also played other card games, like MTG Arena, Artifact, Gwent, Eternal, Elder Scrolls: Legends, almost everything the genre has to offer. But in my opinion Hearthstone and its competitive scene has always been the best choice for me. Hearthstone has been full of chances to compete and something about watching players play in tournaments and succeeding motivated me.

What does joining Conquer Family mean to you and your gaming career?

This is a huge step towards my dream coming true. Without Conquer I couldn’t participate in the biggest tournaments. Financial support and also the emotional backing I get means a lot. Thankfully Conquer makes this all possible.

This contract with Conquer means that my career in esports can finally really start and I am very excited about that.

What expectations do you have for the Seoul Hearthstone Masters Tour tournament?

My goal is to win the whole tournament. I think my probabilities to win are better than many other players’ even though the playing field is really stacked with people who have won their qualifiers like I did and some invited Grandmaster players.

The new Hearthstone expansion “Saviors of Uldum” is coming out 10 days before the tournament. That will be my biggest advantage. I also won my qualifier tournament after the card nerfs had hit and there was no way to know what the new best deck was in the new meta. I think the situation is going to be very similar in Seoul. No player will know what the best deck is in Seoul, there’s only about a week to prepare and tinker up some new decks and ideas.

My strategy:

Predict the meta, play the best counter and win the whole thing and bring home 100 000 $ and make us Conquers and Finns proud.


The Hearthstone Masters Seoul 2019 -tournament will start on 16th August. Follow Conquers social media accounts so you don’t miss anything about deads17’s journey.

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