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We are excited to announce our new CS:GO lineup for upcoming competitions!

Please welcome to Conquer family:
Joel ‘Jelo‘ Lentonen
Roni ‘RONDE‘ Apell
Lauri ‘NiNLeX‘ Vanhanen
Veeti ‘S1rva‘ Sirva
Jere ‘KonZero‘ Toivola

Conquer’s CEO Jyri ‘Jyppe‘ Karvanen is very happy with this roster:
It’s so nice to have a CS:GO team playing for Conquer again because going way back, CS:GO was the reason why I started Conquer. I know all the players and I know that the hunger is huge with these guys. I’m looking forward to the next season and these guys showing their potential.

We also got some comments from our new IGL, NiNLeX:
We feel good about this opportunity to represent Conquer Gaming and I think it sparked more confidence in the younger guys, as they have always fielded good CS teams by Finnish standards. We as a team are going to uphold and raise that standard even higher than before. Our goals are to become a consistent top 5 team in Finland this autumn and I believe Conquer Gaming will provide us the support we need to help achieve that goal. I’ve played against many different Conquer Gaming lineups in the past and it feels a bit funny to be on the other side now. We’ve already had some success online and if the global situation allows it, we hope to transfer that success to LAN under the Conquer Gaming brand as well.

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