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Hearthstone’s Masters Tour for 2020 starts with Hearthstone Masters Tour Arlington event, which will be played at the Arlington, Texas. Total prize pool for the tournament is $250,000.

Conquer’s Tuisku “Deads17” Kaikuvuo will participate in the event by direct invitation based on his 13th place in Masters Tour Seuol 2019.


Hearthstone Masters Tour Arlington is right around the corner. The event is extremely important because it marks the start of the 2020 competitive year in Hearthstone. I am leaving for Arlington January 28th and I’ll tell a bit about my feelings going into the tournament and the brand new year.

Conquer Gaming has been a huge help. They have helped me with travel et cetera and I’ve been able to focus on the gameplay aspect more. This year I am hoping to take everything leaps further. Hearthstone has six big tournaments coming up this year, each with a large prize pool. I think the three first tournaments are the most influential this year.

Grandmasters is a Hearthstone league where the best qualified players battle it out for two months, twice a year. It’s the pinnacle of Hearthstone. The first Grandmasters season this year will end around the start of June. The second season will see the top 3 money earners from the first three tournaments this year from each region getting a spot in the Grandmasters league. That is exactly why it’s important to do well in Arlington, Bali and Masters Tour Jönköping, as those are the three first events this year.

My goals are to be consistently making great placements and I am trying to aim for the Grandmasters league. The starting point is Arlington. I am excited for the future and I will do my best and aim for at least that top eight spot. I am also hoping to win (at least) one of these tournaments this year! My goals are high and those goals need the work behind them to really come to reality. I am working my hardest and you’ll have to see how I do this year! This year is going to be huge!

– Tuisku “deads17” Kaikuvuo


Good luck for the tournament Deads17!

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